Category: Focus: Navigating your 20s in Taiwan


News reports abound about Taiwan's aging population problem, many emphasizing the imminence of this impending doom, but is Taiwan really as far down this path as eye-grabbing headlines wish to suggest? eRenlai talked to government minister Cheng-Tay James Hsueh about the realities of the aging population problem in Taiwan and what the government is doing about it and to a young woman who talks about her decision to have children in the near future.

First Cheng-Tay James Hsueh shares his conception of the future of Taiwan's population, and proposes ways of alleviating the speed of population aging:

Then Debby Yang, a recently married young woman who plans to have children talks about her generation's attitude towards marriage and having children:

Debby Yang was interviewed by Zhang Xin-wen, the video was edited by Pinti Zheng