Harmony in Motion

by Eric on Tuesday, 25 March 2008 Comments
Seagulls (Greece, July 2007)

A group of seagulls were gliding along our ferry in perfect synchronicity as we pulled into the port of Piraeus very early in the morning. They tracked our ship so that when I braced my camera against the ship’s railings and set the exposure long the gulls remained in focus while the relatively calm sea dissolved into a roiling background of white foam.
Thus I managed to capture a moment of stillness in a dynamic scene, because the seagulls and I were keeping time so well with one another. This is rhythm, I think. Something simultaneously moving and constant.

First dance from a wedding (Santorini, July 2007)

If you are ever invited to a wedding with Lebanese people, go. There will be dancing until three in the morning. However, the first dance of the evening occurred far from the raucous dancefloor. It lasted for approximately 15 seconds as one of the guests playfully grabbed the young ring-bearer’s hands and spun her around under the celebratory streamers all about them.
It was a small moment. A moment that probably would have been forgotten by all if there had not been this photograph to prove that this perfectly spontaneous little benedictory dance did happen.

The King of the Dancefloor (Santorini, July 2007)

He is actually a very quiet guy. You would not expect a guy like him to dance at all, unless his friend hectored him into it. Even then, you can imagine him shuffling from side to side, nervously casting his glance around the room and wondering when he can return to the safety of his seat.
Instead, as soon as he hit the dancefloor, he was released and transformed. He spun to the beat, shimmied his arms to the beat. He was lost in the beat. He was the beat.
He danced with himself. In fact, he danced as if the rest of the world did not exist. A circle gradually cleared around him on the dancefloor. Partially out of respect for the fevered energy he radiated, and partially for to avoid being whacked by a wayward limb.

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