All aboard the Coromandel Express

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Coromandel Express formed in early 2010.  The group takes its name from the Indian train - 'The Coromandel Express' - that links Kolkata in the north with Chennai in the south.  With Page Byassee (蘇珮卿) on flute, harp and vocals and Cody Byassee (白克迪) on kanjira and percussion representing south Indian music and Yo (金光亮平) on sitar and Waka (若池敏弘) on tabla representing that of the north, the sounds of Coromandel Express reflects the cross-country journey of its namesake train.

This interview includes parts of their track 'Saraswati'.

(Photo provided by Fuya)


For viewers in Mainland China (Apologies for any advertisements:


Coromandel Express participates in Renlai World Music 2011 compilation, they also perform for the Renlai concert#2 (free concert in Taipei on August 19th, 2011)
Coromandel Express also performed 'Tarana' live in the eRenlai office and you can watch the video here.
Learn more about Coromandel Express at their website and on facebook.
Waka previously spoke to eRenlai here and here and you can watch an interview with Yo here.


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Paul Farrelly (范寶文)

Paul is a PhD candidate at the Australian National University in Canberra. His primary research interests are new religious movements and religious innovation in China and Taiwan.


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