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China-India Forum (2007 – 2010)

Building Partnership and Creating Platform for an Asian Citizens Assembly in 2010

China-India Forum initiated in February 2007 has been a significant mobilization of young people from different geographical regions of both the countries. In August 2007, 21 Chinese friends came to India for a cross-cultural dialogue, people-to-people exchange and to share and learn from each others various experience and knowledge. This was an important step and launching of the concrete Phase 1 activity of the China-India Forum. It provided an opportunity to look at the possibility of evolving a genuinely inclusive process by the most populous nations in Asia and the World to contribute substantially towards the evolution of Asian Citizens Assembly in 2010.The Chinese friends and the Indian certainly felt the need of Citizens Assembly and would like to play the lead role in Asia for the same through the China-India Forum.
China-India Forum will be conducive to regional stability and prosperity working towards a Citizens Assembly. But the Forum in its journey will further open the doors for other countries in Asia like Korea, Japan, Philippines, Iran, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and others.
Youth participants during the exchanges discussed and shared views on different issues such as:
1. Environment (Global Warming & Water Concerns)
2. Role of Information Technology, Education and Media,
3. Role of Women
4. Health - HIV/AIDS concerns
5. Role of Spirituality, Materialism and Religions (Buddhism and Confucianism) in
Promoting Social Harmony and Peace
6. Cultural and Historical Pluralism
7. Comparative Perspective on Arts and Culture / Literature

In October and November 2007, China-India Forum along with other local partners organized Environmental film festival in Philippines, China (Peking University & Renmin University in Beijing) and Japan (United Nations University, Tokyo University in Tokyo)
What does Environment have to do with Peace? was the question raised when Wangari Maathai received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2004. And recently by choosing Al Gore and the IPCC for the award in 2007, the Nobel Committee have rightly brought to our attention that Climate Change is the one of the biggest threat to the World Peace we have ever faced.
China-India Forum will be a platform for the youth of the two important nations to transform Asia into an area of peace. Youth by their creative thinking, cultivating relations based on complementary interests and realistic expectations by the exchanges will continue the process for sustainable development. The Forum will eventually engage Citizens from all over Asia for an effective implementation of the objectives of the Forum.

Inter-Cultural Exchanges in Japan and China - July 2008 & July 2009
At the conclusion of the China-India Forum Youth Festival in August 2007, it was also decided to invite Japan to be part of the Forum. Currently the relations among China, Japan and India, that is, the Sino-Japanese, Sino-Indian and Japanese-Indian relations are generally good. But there are some problems and frictions, which exactly indicate that the three countries should seek for a new transcending platform to improve their respective bilateral relations through developing multilateral cooperation.
In July 2008, 10 Chinese and 10 Indians will visit Japan for an inter-cultural exchange and cross-cultural dialogue for about 2 weeks. In July 2009, 10 Indians and 10 Japanese will visit China.

During the two weeks of Inter-Cultural Exchange there will also be a conference for three or four days on different thematic. At the China-India Forum Youth Festival in August 2007 we discussed about 8 themes and we will continue the discussion and dialogue up to the Citizens Assembly through Conferences, Open Space & E-Forums.

For a fruitful discussion at the next Forum we will discuss the following three topics in Japan.
1. Environment (Climate Change and Water concerns)
2. Health – HIV/AIDS concerns
3. Women, Family and Education

This Forum will be right in time during the next G8 summit which promises to focus on Climate Change and Global Health.

Open Space and E-Forums
China-India Forum has an informative website ( about its various activities and objectives. But it still needs to be revised regularly and have more discussions and interaction by the Asian Citizens interested in an Assembly.

Open Space Forum will encourages discussion, debate and action on social justice, sustainable development and human rights.

For the next two years youth will initiate dialogue on several issues bringing together people from different constituency; government, NGO, corporate, academicians, bureaucrats, religious and social development leaders, etc. New Proposals for the 21st century will be invited and documented through the Open Space Forum.

The Open Space Forum will also lead to an annual E-Forum before the Citizens Assembly in 2010 to discuss many other thematic which may not be discussed at length during the Inter-Cultural Exchanges like the one in Japan in 2008 and in China in 2009.
E-Forum will be an attempt to move discussions and dialogue from the academic world to the streets of major cities in Asia. In this way the voices from many will be heard.
In 2008 we intend to have a youth E-Forum and in 2009 an Inter-generational E-Forum and thus setting tone for the Citizens Assembly for both youth and adults.

FPH team will conduct training for youth for Mapping Techniques and Methodological tools and in collaboration with Jo’s Animatronics (Bangalore, India) build a platform for Open Space and user-friendly tool for successful E-Forums.

The role of media will be very important for the China-India Forum and Open Space and E-Forums will complement to publicize the objectives and efforts of the Forum.

Networks related to the China India Forum

1. Asian Forum for Solidarity Economy
China-India Forum was well represented at the Asian Forum for Solidarity Economy in Manila, Philippines in October 2007 organized by Ben Quinones (CSRSME Asia). Pacific-Asia Research Centre (PARC), Tokyo, Japan one of the main partners who are organizing the next Solidarity Economy Forum in 2009 in Tokyo are also the host organization of the upcoming China-India-Japan Forum. In July 2008, these two Forum will discuss their partnership and to see how they can join hands for the Citizens Assembly in 2010.

2. Asian Environment Alliance and Charter of Human Responsibilities
The 4th International Conference of Environmental Education held in Ahemdabad, India between 24th-28th November 2007 was primarily focused on the strategic role of Education in Decision-Making for Sustainable Development.

China-India Forum will empower children and youth to not just plant trees but promote other aspects like training the youth as local entrepreneurs that will help improve natural and human resources management, and environmental leaders for their communities, promoting the use of alternative energies, eco-friendly transport, etc through peer education.

The Environment Alliance of the China-India Forum will network with the various ongoing efforts all over Asia by different organizations. An educational film and interactive booklet on how to fight Climate Change will be prepared and published for children and youth. These education tools will focus on the notion of Environment and Responsibility drawn from the Charter of Human Responsibilities. This will be an effort to join and contribute to the program of the World Children’s Conference on Environment –‘Lets take care of our planet’ in Brasil by the International Facilitation Charter of Human Responsibilities team.

Main Organizations of the China-India-Japan Forum:
China – Centre for Cross-Cultural Studies, Peking University, Beijing.

India – Global Citizens for Sustainable Development / Vedike, Bangalore

Japan – Pacific-Asia Research Centre (PARC), Tokyo

Proposed Activities for the next three years:

Phase 2: China-India-Japan Forum – 2008
July 2008 – China-India-Japan Inter-Cultural Exchange in Japan
(tentative dates: 20th July – 3rd August 2008)

December 2008 – E-Forum (youth Dialogue) and follow up meeting in China.

Phase 3: China-India-Japan Forum - 2009
July 2008 – Asian Youth Assembly in China – 2009

December 2009 – E-Forum (Inter-Generational Dialogue)

Phase 4: Asian Citizens Assembly in India – 2010
After the Inter-cultural encounter and exchange in 2007 in India, in 2008 in Japan & in 2009 in China, youth involved in the process would have attained knowledge and understanding on issues related to different thematic. They would be empowered and as young leaders work and influence policy in their respective countries for sustainable development and peace.

The E-Forum in December 2009 will focus and initiate an Inter-Generational Dialogue and thus setting right tune for an Asian Citizens Assembly for both youth and adults in November 2010 in India.
John Anugraha is the coordinator of the China-India Forum
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