The 'Duch' Trials

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Ponchaud comments on the ongoing Kaing Kek Iev ‘Duch’ trials and has a rather critical point of view: He affirms the abomination of the Khmer Rouge crimes, but has described the trial as ‘hypocrite’ and ‘unfair’. According to Ponchaud, all the countries that are now judging the Khmer Rouge have supported them until 1989 for geostrategic reasons, and it is only now that the Khmer Rouge leaders are old and powerless that the international community decides to take a stance against the Khmer Rouge crimes. Furthermore, Ponchaud questions the relevance of merely trying leaders such as Kaing Kek Iev when the U.S have had an equally guilty part in the civil war. “From the 6 February 1973 to the midnight of 15 August 1973, the U.S army have dropped 239 000 tonnes of bombs on the little Cambodia who had not done anything”, says Ponchaud.

Francois Ponchaud is French priest from the MEP (Paris Foreign Missions Society) who has spent the last forty years in Cambodia and the refugee camps on its border with Thailand. As author of Cambodia: Year Zero, he was amongst the only foreigners to have witnessed the Khmer Rough regime, and was the first to have exposed the genocide to the world.


Alice Lin (林炳秀)

Alice is a Taiwanese-born journalism major who spent most of her childhood in Windhoek, Namibia. Having left home at a young age for boarding school, she has since then lived in Singapore, New Zealand and France. She worked briefly as a translator for a Paris-based NGO and recently returned from a work placement in Morocco, where she freelanced for local papers El Watan and Morocco Today. She is now studying in France.

Alice worked as the English editor of eRenlai from December 2008 to June 2009.

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