The Kuangchi that was and the Kuangchi to come

by Bob on Monday, 11 August 2008 Comments
I look back on the fifty years of Kuangchi Program Service with a lot of pride, but at the same time with a lot of sadness. Back then, it was the pioneer, bravely taking the first steps, opening the door training the personnel that made possible Taiwan’s present media industry. Now that industry is standing on its own feet. The torch has been passed. Kuangchi’s task is done. There is no further need for its pioneer direction or support. It should be proud of its accomplishments, happy that its students are now fully capable of standing on their own feet and moving on. There is no longer any need for Kuangchi to keep on doing what those it trained are now in an even better position to do it well. It did so well it is no longer needed.

But does this mean that Kuangchi’s days are over, so that it can retire gracefully, shut its doors and walk away? Is there no corner of the audio-visual media industry that is lagging behind or waiting to be born? There is no need for Kuangchi to close. It just needs to go back to the beginning and start in once again to meet the new challenges that face us today. I am not an expert who knows what these needs are, but I am confident that there is still plenty of room left waiting to be filled with the same pioneering spirit and inspiration that characterized Kuangchi’s past.

This new Kuangchi will probably look quite different from the old, provide services the old never contemplated, but it will still be recognized by its spirit and enterprise. I am not really sad to see the old Kuangchi change, because I know the new one is really just the original one rejuvenated.

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