Children words : "my daddy"

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Read and listen to children’s words about their father (Taipei).
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"My daddy wears glasses, he is not thin and he is not fat. Sometimes he gets angry, he is friendly and he has black hair. My daddy works in China airlines. He likes to play with me, he often eats vegetables and hot pot, he also likes to eat bread. He doesn’t like to eat noodles. He likes to play computer games with me, he likes to play poker with me. I went shopping with daddy. My daddy teaches me how to do my homework, he also teaches me how to drive cars."

Irene, 6 1/2 years old

"My dad is not tall and not short. He is not fat and not thin. Sometimes he is very serious but sometimes he is funny. If I do something bad, he gets angry. He is also friendly. He is very smart because he was a math teacher. I don’t know what his job is now. My dad likes to swim and play soccer too. He likes to exercise. He doesn’t like me and my sister to argue. My dad plays toy car with me. My dad tells me how to write homework, he teaches me how to play soccer, and also how to speak Japanese."

Andy, 9 years old

"He has a little bit of hair. He is an adult. His belly is very big. He is smart because he likes to read books. Sometimes he is serious but sometimes he is funny. He likes to eat vegetables and rice. He likes to cut his hair. He likes to play cards with me but my dad doesn’t want me, my sister and my mother to go to Mac Donald’s. My dad teaches me how to use the computer. We play card games on the computer. My daddy didn’t teach anything for school, it was only my mom."

Christine, 7 years old.

"My dad is tall and strong. He likes to work and he likes to cook. His work is in Hong Kong. He likes to watch news on TV. I don’t know anything else. He likes to watch movies with me. He lives in Hong Kong but sometimes he comes to Taiwan. He helps me to write my homework."


"My dad is not tall and not short. And he has many pairs of glasses. My dad’s English is very good! My dad is friendly, but sometimes he can be angry. He likes to eat a snack in the middle of the night. Because he gets very hungry, he is so fat. He also likes to drink tea. We go to the Movies together so my dad is happy. After he drives his car and we go to eat some ice cream."

Coco, 7 years old


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