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The 2008 International Sanitation Year embarks global initiatives to create awareness of proper sanitation and/or water supply, aimed toward mechanized improvement of health and quality of life of the community. A country that moves forward would not leave anyone behind. Therefore, Home Sweet Home (HSH), a company which incorporates values, promotes social inclusion and holistic human development, has recently launched its new project called Top Bottom Beautiful (TBB) – an affordable toilet for the needy built by the needy.

TBB project is supported through profit selling of HSH Green Bag products which are sold to replace plastic shopping bags. Consumption of such bags will be banned by June 2008 in China. HSH is now training its staff to teach hygiene to the needy community where TBB toilets will be built through HSH’s partnership with other charity organizations or companies.

Home Sweet Home’s vision is, “Equipping the needy with special needs to fulfill their fullest individual potential in the community”. Home Sweet Home is a local company which recruits the under-privileged, especially migrant workers who are physically challenged. Others of our workers were found homeless due to the difficulty in finding employment as a result of their physical limitations. The positive recent response from the public has also opened new doors for recruitment of physically challenged adults that grew up in orphanages and poor area in China.

HSH is more than just a company that provides employment to its staff. In order to fulfill its corporate vision, this unique company extends its love and care to the employees by building their character in a loving home environment and developing their skills through vocational education and life skills training. The company also successfully functions as a bridge that supports their integration to the community at large.

TBB project is an example of the bridge used by HSH to include those who were excluded from the community because of disparities such as poverty, disability, low education and racism. The opportunity to serve and give back to the needy by those who were previously needy has also brought positive impact, not only to the life of the people being helped or those who are serving, but also to others who are observing the positive holistic life transformation of the people at HSH.

In spite of being a young and small company, the human development observed among HSH special staff and their commitment to giving back to the community has challenged other bodies to cooperate as responsible stakeholders in China’s human development and economic growth. HSH is serving as a catalyst to spur on healthier community by becoming a channel for local and international companies to become actively involved in socially responsible work.

Some of the companies and education bodies that have partnered actively with HSH corporate social responsibility activities are Hysolution Group, Innotech, Dulwich College Shanghai, English First, Shanghai Community Center, Johnson Controls, Maya Chang Zhou Plastic Company, Bunnies By The Bay, Carrefour, Orrick, UTI, B & Q and Intercontinental Hotel Groups. The partnership in resolving social exclusion also addresses the barrier of unemployment among the under privileged and migrant workers and reduces social and health problems. Meanwhile, the purchase of HSH-made products by these companies creates employment for the people whom the company is helping.

Human development is important as it is not only a product of economic growth but also an important input to economic growth. Therefore, HSH hopes that the implication of the cooperation between the local and international counterparts in a local setting will bridge the community gap and enable the end product of the development of healthier and fuller lives.

It has been observed that the collective experience among the like minded through HSH also allows enlightenment of good human qualities such as love, compassion, humility, courage, cooperation and willingness to sacrifice for the common good. Indeed, the edification and continuous nurturing of these values has brought the mystical impact of increased efficiency of and harmonious conditions at work, as well as the breaking down of human barriers.

There is so much charity work that can be done and often we become breathless in figuring out where and how we start. The performance of human development that is often measured by various social indicators could be a good guide in measuring the needs of a local community and could provide sound direction in initiating community service work. One lesson that HSH has learnt is not to despise small beginnings and to begin simply by serving others close to us. Our first emphasis, therefore, is to love our closest neighbours before we proceed to running charity work in the community. Home Sweet Home was founded in 2005 through small and simple steps. Today this philanthropic company is still growing in its experience to fulfill its vision. HSH still begins each day in service to the others in the home and those nearby, thus fuelling the day’s charitable works.

Every one at HSH is trained to be a servant to others regardless of whether their position is at the top or the bottom of the management chart. With this basic principle, Home Sweet Home aims to break barriers between humankind. This will be lived out in the implementation of the Top Bottom Beautiful project in China, as HSH moves among the poor and needy and crosses various ethnic groups and skin colors. The remarkable life transformation of the physically challenged, especially those who used to be homeless, and are now training and serving other needy ones, tells a unique and special story of heroes helping heroes in China. This story warms our hearts and gives us greater promise of a beautiful and sweet homeland of hope for all humankind. Just as our name, Home Sweet Home, so aptly expresses, there is truly no place like home.

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