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Paul Jobin is the current director of the Taipei branch of the French Centre for Research on Contemporary China (CEFC Taipei). Since majoring in Oriental Studies, Paul Jobin has been researching the link between industrial pollution and public health, first in Japan and then, for the last four years, in Taiwan. His breadth of experience has given him first hand insight on everything from Japan's biggest post-war pollution disease, Minamata, to the nuclear energy question, having personally spent time researching Fukushima and other power plants before the Japan crisis struck in March of this year. He has previously conducted interviews with Japanese and Taiwanese nuclear engineers. Here, Paul Jobin talks to us about his academic background, before introducing the first industrial class actions related to industrial pollution in Taiwan and finally complimenting the successes of activists in recent actions such as the anti-Kuokuang movement:

Paul's experience at Fukushima and Taiwan's nuclear power plants before the disaster happened, has recently made him an important figure in the anti-nuclear struggle. Thus, he was recently requested to take part in a book which collected testimonies mainly from nuclear engineers in Japan, but also those in Taiwan. When we interviewed him he introuduced the book before giving us some insights and anecdotes regarding his experiences.

More info on the book presented by P. Jobin in his interview\

Also read a special issue of the Taiwanese Journal for the Sociology of Science, Technology and Medicine (STM) (introduced by the website 苦勞 (Colloud) -in Chinese)

To see the list of Paul's publications click here




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