You can see the tears of time

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Born in 1958, Cheng Wen-Tang has extensive experience in all aspects of film-making. As an independent producer, Cheng has built a reputation in producing documentary, short films, and subsequently, expanding into feature films. All this has earned him the recognition of the local movie industry. In addition to these various talents, Cheng is also an active scriptwriter, TV series director, as well as a stage actor. His latest production in 2009 is Tears.

Cheng is a Taiwanese director who has had great influence on the development of Taiwanese cinema, particularly in his highlighting of the difficulties of underprivileged groups. He combines a deep concern for the disenfranchised, the weak and the poor with the art of directing and fictional wizardry.


As Cheng likes to tackle the problems of his own people - the Minnanese (Hoklo people) of Taiwan - and bring about a self-examination his films are full of local flavour and imagery. His latest film Tears is a three-part drama on Policeman. The main character in the film has a similar background to that of his own, having grown up in a makeshift hostel for workers, bargirls and even some policeman near a red light district.

As builders worked noisily away on the roof, eRenlai's Joyce Lin caught up with Director Cheng, to find out what inspired him in this trade.


For more on Cheng Wen-Tang, please read 《你會看見時代的眼淚——鄭文堂導演專訪》.



Joyce Lin



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