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(The CEFC team from left: Su Wei-jeune, Dr. Stéphane Corcuff, Dr. Tanguy Lepesant, Dr. Paul Jobin, Dr. Marylène Lieber, Dr. José Ramón Pérez Portillo)

Over the next few months we will be releasing videos of all the current researchers based at the Taipei branch of the French Centre for Research on Contemporary China (CEFC Taipei) to introduce their new research directions in Sinology and Taiwan Studies. We begin with director Paul Jobin and executive secretary Wei-jeune Su introducing how CEFC Taipei operates, it's aims and what services and resources it provides.

The CEFC Taipei (French Centre for Research on Contemporary China, Taipei Office) was established in 1994 in Taipei and since 1999 has been located at the Academia Sinica's Research Center for Humanities and Social Sciences. CEFC Taipei is an academic research center sponsored by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the CNRS (French National Centre for Scientific Research). In cooperation with the CEFC main office—located in Hong Kong—and Taiwanese academic institutions—Academia Sinica in particular—the CEFC Taipei focuses on research in social sciences and humanities in contemporary Taiwan.

CEFC Taipei invites senior researchers, master and PhD students from France and Europe to be hosted in Taipei for short and long-term research projects (see current team). It also organizes conferences, workshops, lectures and produces an formidable amount of content and research both with its bilingual quarterly journal China Perspectives/Perspectives chinoises and seminars with audio records stored online.

Towards the end of our day Wei-jeune showed eRenlai the documentation resource centre. A resource center with more than 3000 academic articles and book chapters in Taiwan Studies in English and French. See the catalogue.


Also partly preoccupied with bringing local Taiwan issues to the worlds attention, eRenlai visited the whole team of current researchers at CEFC to find out what some of the most passionate Sinologist and Taiwanologist researchers were exploring. This week we will focus on Health: firstly, CEFC director and experienced sociologist Paul Jobin introducing his research on the effects of industry on public health in Taiwan and Japan as well as comment on the recent Fukushima disaster - he previously conducted field work there; secondly, political scientist Vincent Rollet introduces the various facets of Taiwan's foreign policy regarding health and infectuous diseases.Over the coming weeks we will further introduce you to the CEFC's other areas of research regarding questions of identity of the different groups in Taiwan, the situation of women in the workplace in China and the possibilities of greater economic relations between Taiwan and South America.

Photo by C. Phiv

Nick Coulson (聶克)

I was born in sunny Torbay on the south western coast of England's green and pleasant lands. I'm prowling the streets, parks and ruins of Taiwan hunting for absurdities and studying the sociology of the underground. Furthermore with our nomadic arts and action space "The Hole" we attempt to challenge rigid and alienating structures.


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