Occupy Taipei

by on Monday, 24 October 2011 Comments

Following on from the 'Occupy Wall Street' demonstrations in New York, on October 15th protesters in Taipei gathered around the phallic symbol of Taiwanese capitalism, the Taipei 101 building, to voice their opinion on several issues, including high unemployment, inflated house prices, unpaid overtime, the rights of immigrant workers as well as showing solidarity with the global movement to resist or bring down the excesses of the capitalist hegemony and move towards a fairer society. Watch interviews with some participants below:

(Apologies, video content not available for readers in mainland China)

Interviews conducted by Nick Coulson and Cerise Phiv, video editing and subtitles by Conor Stuart


Nick Coulson (聶克)

I was born in sunny Torbay on the south western coast of England's green and pleasant lands. I'm prowling the streets, parks and ruins of Taiwan hunting for absurdities and studying the sociology of the underground. Furthermore with our nomadic arts and action space "The Hole" we attempt to challenge rigid and alienating structures.


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