Baoyu: A farm where it feels like home

by Chien-heng on Thursday, 14 May 2009 Comments
‘Laonongfulehuocun’ (老農夫樂活村) is located in the countryside of Sanzhi. This ecological farm is a very pleasant place to spend one’s day, but most of all, it is a place which opens up opportunities for handicapped people.

Professor Luo had the idea a couple of years ago to open a place where handicapped people could work and be more recognized socially by Taiwanese society.

As she recalled the first time she met Baoyu, she said : « Baoyu gave me a strong impression. Despite her difficulties to walk, she is a woman full of energy and is eager to participate in the life of the association. Baoyu’s decision to stay and work here is a very good example of how our association works, and it is at the same time a very positive experience for her and for the association. »

Baoyu got a very serious illness when she was three and she has been partly paralyzed since then. Nevertheless, her mother kept telling her that she can learn to live with her handicap, and even help others.

Hence, when she arrived at the association, she quickly felt part of this ‘large family ‘. Baoyu said : « Here, everyone has a particular handicap, but we help each other. »

As I spent a day at the farm, I could see Baoyu helping here and there, cooking, selling the products harvested at the farm, welcoming groups of children coming to the farm for a vacation day, etc. I could see how her work at the association and her smiley face as well are important to the friendly atmosphere. I admire her strength and her will as she keeps going forward, might it be at her own pace.

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