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一開始我學的是中國古典音樂,像是琵琶,因為它很適合做聲音的實驗。後來藉由一些機會,我得以接觸到世界各地的音樂,比如世界音樂跟電子樂,並觀察到各種作曲與演奏的方式。於是我開始自己寫曲、即興創作,來表達我直觀的感受。我曾經跟美國音樂家Audrey Chen一起玩實驗音樂;她玩大提琴以及電音。這個實驗很好玩,因為我們大部分的聽眾都沒有學過音樂,也不會演奏樂器,但他們甚至比受過古典音樂訓練的人還更享受這次的合作。

當音樂家最快樂的事情之一,就是可以到處旅行,接觸不同的人跟文化。我最近參與的一個計畫,就是跟峇里島、雅加達和日惹的在地舞者和音樂家合作。我跟土耳其音樂家艾德姆(Erdem Helvacioglu)在2008年認識;當時我剛好旅經伊斯坦堡。有一位哥斯大黎加的音樂家朋友介紹我們見面,稍後便立刻決定要一起錄製專輯。我們在艾德姆伊斯坦堡的工作室裡僅僅花了三天,便作出這張帶有新世紀音樂風的作品,並搭配上較為詩意的曲目名稱,像是〈奔向香格里拉〉、〈靈幻之屋〉等。最後等到艾德姆完成專輯的後製工作,一次意想不到的驚艷之作就這樣誕生了。








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Erdem Helvacioglu

I was born in 1975 in Bursa, the fifth most populated city in Turkey, but I have been living in Istanbul for the last 20 years. I started playing the guitar when I was eleven years. I graduated as an industrial engineer and continued my education with a Master’s degree in sound engineering and electroacoustic composition at the Music for Advanced Studies Department at Istanbul Technical University. Currently, I am working on my doctorate degree at the same institution where I have had the chance to study theory and the practice of sound engineering and electroacoustic composition with accomplished American professors. I have always been interested in the recording process, and started recording my demos when I was fifteen years old. Since then, I have recorded and released three solo albums in the United States and accomplished various other projects all around the world. I have received numerous prizes for my works from international competitions such as Luigi Russolo and MUSICA NOVA; I have also participated at prestigious contemporary and jazz music festivals like Huddersfield, Futura, Nuit Bleu, Sonorities, Visiones Sonoras and Akbank Jazz Festival. My album “Altered Realities” has been included in the “Best albums of 2007” in the All About Jazz, Textura and Cyclic Defrost magazines. I have different projects going on now, notably participation to a festival in France in November, a release of an ambient album around January 2010.

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