Spices Explosion - Renlai Concert #2

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There will be more fusion and spice for the second Renlai World Music Concert, and best of all it's FREE!

When? August 19th, 2011, 18:30-21:30

Where? TEC First Floor Auditorium, No.22, Section 1, Xinhai Rd, Taipei City (MRT Taipower Building Exit 1)

Who? The Aboriginal band, Hu Lia (the cheers in their tribe), will open the show with their fresh and tropical summer tunes. Then we take a journey on the Silk Road to the borders of India with Coromandel Express, Shantaal and Sitar player Usi AJ who rocks out with aboriginal and Taiwanese influences in his interpretation of Indian music.

Line Up:

6:30-7:00: Hu Lia(呼利亞)樂團
7:10-7:50: Coromandel Express (科羅曼德融合)
7:50-8:30 : Shantaal (香塔)
8:40-9:20: Usi AJ (屋希耶澤 )


Know more about the bands:

Hu lia/Taiwanese indigenous songs
"Hulia" is a praise to wonderful things in the Taiwanese indigenous language. During a gathering of friends, the yelling of “hu lia” means greater pleasure. This band was formed by colleagues who have worked together for more than ten years. They basically recompose traditional aboriginal songs and cover other indigenous artists’ work. Lead singer “Hong-Hao” participated in couple of famous indigenous artists studio recording, and has a great voice which brings audiences back to the simple happiness of the tribe.The guitarist “Zong Yi”, bassist “Wan Zi” and saxo, drummer and backup singer “Ah Zi”, have great passion for all kinds of music. To hear these talented musicians play in the very same band is a great fortune, as they create a musical banquet of “Hu lia”.



Coromandel Express / Hindustani Carnatic world fusion music
The Coromandel Express is a train that links the North and the South of India along the Coromandel Coast. It runs from Kolkata to Chennai and represents the group's musical background. Yo (sitar) and Waka (tabla) represent the Hindustani style of North India, while Paige (flutes) and Cody (kanjira/percussion) bring influences from the Carnatic genre of the South. These performers meet in the middle to serve up a musical masala that is at once peaceful, cerebral, expressive, and beautiful. Also drawing from Western jazz, classical, and other World music idioms, Coromandel Express is fusion within fusion.

We interviewed the band here and you can also have a foretaste of their performance here



ShantaaL / India-Uygur Fusion
In the summer of 2007, three music travellers from the island countries of the Far East came together and created an accidental fusion of musical DNA. With more than 20 years experiences on the Tabla drum, Waka’s virtuosic musicality blends fittingly with the enchanting and soulful sound created by the young and phenomenal Sitar player, Yo. An invitation brought them together to meet Janelle, a gifted fiddler. While their musical journey had brought Yo and Waka from Japan and India to Taiwan, Janelle was carrying her musical dream from Taiwan to Boston and Urumqi, and back again to her homeland of Taiwan. Their transformed music seems more familiar than ever: a musical rainbow spans the horizon – a sophisticated Hindustani elegance meets the entrancing Uyghur mystique. Both forms imbibe a unique Okinawa redolence and a familiar Chinese accent. ShantaaL is the world’s first ever Indo-Uyghur fusion group. The original melodies of ShantaaL are arrayed magnificently in the vibrant colours of fascinating tales and inspired visions. So, join ShantaaL for a journey to tomorrow, along the ancient and legendary Silk Road.




Usi AJ / Avant-Garde, Fusion, Free Jazz
Usi AJ has apparently been called "The biggest protogenesis fusion artist" (We're not exactly sure what that means either). He says that he got familiar with traditional Indian sitar music and World Fusion Music when he accidentally bought the wrong CD, and so it was by this random chance that he immersed himself into the research and development of Asian music. He hopes to continue the legacy of Taiwan's Kebalan tribe's culture and music. In order that people can get in touch with his music, Usi AJ assembled many Taiwanese musicians to form "Siyu Sitar", and through continued creative projects and performances, he hopes that everyone can come to a deeper understanding of the charm of Asian culture.

Check our interview with Usi AJ

Venue: TEC First Floor Auditorium
No.22, Section 1, Xinhai Rd, Taipei City (MRT Taipower Building Exit 1)


Zijie Yang (楊子頡)


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