Tafalong a niyaro

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In this excerpt of Renlai’s documentary, the grand-father of Nakao, Angah Foday, sings the ancestral Tafalong song which recounts the origins of the village. He is surrounded by relatives while they all sit in the traditional common house that has recently been reconstituted. (English translation of the song due to Nakao Eki.)

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Tafalong a niyaro' o ma'olaway a niyaro'.
► Tafalong the village, the age-old village.

Caay kasiwar tapangan no 'awol ato folo'.
► The roots of bamboos and arrow bamboos would never be lost.

Lalengawan no Tafalong naitiya i Arapanapanay.
► Arapanapanay was Tafalong's origin.

Ci Keseng aci Madapidap ko tatoasan no Tafalong.
► Keseng and Madapidap were Tafalong's ancestors.

Ciwawa saan caira a 'nem ko wawa naira.
► They had children, they had six children.

Ci Tadiafo, ci Dadakioro, aci Apotok.
► They were Tadiafo, Dadakioro, and Apotok.


Ci Doci aci Lalakan, ci safa ci Tiamacan.
► And Doci and Lalakan, Tiamacan was the youngest sister.

O ma'edilay ko tireng a fafahiyan.
► She was a girl whose body could shine.

Miladom ci Tiamacan, ma'araw ni Kariwasan.
► When Tiamacan went to carry water, she was seen by Kariwasan.

Ci Kariwasan fa'inayan o wawa no kawas no liyar.
► Kariwasan was the son of the spirit of ocean.

Mangalay ci Kariwasan, malamod ci Tiamacan.
► Kariwasan wanted to marry Tiamacan.

Sowalen ni Tiamacan ko ina ato wama.
► So explained Tiamacan to her parents.

Misimed to ko ina i tangolan ci Tiamacan.
► Her mother hid Tiamacan in a chest.

Ma'edil a ma'araw ko tireng ni Tiamacan.
► But Tiamacan's shining body revealed her.

Miliyaw a misimed mitadem sa i sra.
► Again she was hidden, buried in the earth.

Ma'edil a ma'araw ko tireng ni Tiamacan.
► But Tiamacan's shinning body revealed her.

Sakalimaay a romi'ad, male no sa ko liyar.
► On the fifth day, the tide rose.

Tahila ci Kariwasan miala ci Tiamacan.
► Kariwasan took Tiamacan away.

Itiya maleno ko liyar, madakaw tiftifkan to panay.
► At that time, the tide rose, they sat on a rice mortar.

Ci Doci aci Lalakan manawnaw a malikid.
► Doci and Lalakan were driven by the currents.

Malikid to caira, tacanger i Cilangasan.
► They drifted away, untill stopped by the mountain Cilangasan.

Itira to paloma', itira to ko 'orip.
► There they built a house, there they lived.


Mato'as to caira, malamoday tatosa.
► They grew up and these two became husband and wife.

Ci wawa to kalingsan to, mangic a tatosa.
► They had a child, a snake of strange shape, and these two cried.

Matapar no Malataw, ma'ocor Tatakosan no Cidal.
► They requested to Malataw the highest god and entrusted the chief of sun.


Ma'epod Cilangasan mitengil to naira.

► The chief of sun went down Cilangasan and listened to them.

Mapalemed no Malataw, ci wawa to tamdaw.
► Malataw blessed them, and they had human children.

Malipahak to caira, pangangan ci Cihak no Cidal.
► They were happy and named the child Cihak of the Sun.

Ci safa ci Rarikayan no Cidal, ci safa ci Papahan no Cidal.
► The younger sisters were Rarikayan of the Sun and Papahan of the Sun.


Tatolo ko fafahiyan a wawa naira.
► These three were their daughters.


Ci safa ci Tahtahan no Cidal o wawa to fa'inayan.
► The younger one was a boy, named Tahtahan of the Sun.

Maripahak to ciara, ma'olahay to wawa.
► They were happy, they loved the children.

Mato'as ci Tahtahan no Cidal, ma'epod a mi'adop.
► Tahtahan grew up and went down for hunting.


Ma'araw ci Saksakay, kapahay paloma'an.
► He saw Saksakay, a place good to build a house.


Ma'epod to caira, paloma' i Saksakay.
► They came down from the mountain and built a house in Saksakay.


Itira to ko 'orip, matenak ko tamdaw.
► There they lived; humans propagated.


Matenak ko tamdaw, malinah tatahay a sra.
► Humans propagated and migrated to vast lands.


Itira to paniyaro', niyaro' no Tafalong.
► There the village was build, the village of Tafalong.


Nakao Eki

Formosan Melon|Endemic to Tafalong


Website: blog.roodo.com/milifonoh

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