The Wang family

by on Thursday, 01 October 2009 Comments
When you climb to the hilltop villages, you can expect to often stop along the road: the aftermath of the earthquake and the seasonal rains make it a permanent ‘work in progress.’ The road sometimes crosses one of the traditional bridges spanned along the many streams and rivers arms.

The earthquake destroyed the Wang family’s house. Twice already they have rebuilt part of it, even though during the first months, aftershocks dwarfed their efforts. The husband is a carpenter. He has a son and a daughter from a previous marriage. He keeps painful memories of the eight years of illness of his first wife and of the repeated demands for money he had to make to his friends and acquaintances, so as to purchase medicine ... The raising of pigs, small-scale tea production and the picking of medicinal plants bring them additional income, but this is not sufficient to meet the expenditure incurred in reconstruction. And only one son, the third of their children can go to school ...

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