Documentary as a medium for change

by on Monday, 30 November 2009 Comments
In the summer of 2006, six first year students at National Taiwan University’s Department of Social Work spontaneously formed a group with the intention of getting a better understanding of the phenomenon of domestic violence in Taiwan through interviews with those who had suffered domestic violence. They found three victims willing to talk about their trials and tribulations. Being young and inexperienced they found the process far more difficult than they had originally expected, never being quite sure of how to conduct the interviews and what attitude to take. Nevertheless all the mistakes, embarrassments, failures and doubts allowed them to learn things that could not be taught in class. Most importantly, more than just painfully observing, they were able to constantly ponder whether they were helping these people and what more they could could do to help similar cases in the future. Pinti (Qingxin) Chen was there directing and filming the interview and learning her own lessons on how best to use her art to raise these social issues. Four years later and now graduated, two of the students, Chen Rujun and Huang Yuling rewatched the documentary and gave their reflections. Here, with Pinti, the three of them looked back discussed their involvement in this project, and the contributions art can have in affecting social change.

Watch her documentary here

Pinti Zheng (鄭晴心)

Born in 1987. Video director.


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