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We met Kate (US) and Davos (Australia) who form the band Hi-Life Wedding. They now live, work and create their music in Taipei. The band’s main influences range from the pop-music of Hot Chip & The Beatles, the electronic production of German Paul Kalkbrenner and the literature of Franz Kafka. Hi-Life Wedding believes that music and all art is a form of expression that can help us create a life where we are more free of the constraints of our modernity.

A Wedding at the Hi-Life

Davos has been creating music for many years. Kate was a talented orchestral and jazz double bass player through her college days in the US. After meeting, the group slowly developed. First as a rock and roll outfit and then into a live electronic duo that better suits the bands ethos and goals. The name is derived from a photo taken by Davos of a Taiwanese couple getting snacks in a Hi-Life convenience store. The couple were doing their pre-wedding photos as is common here, and were kitted out in full wedding gown and tuxedo. We truly believe that music can help people enjoy their life more. If we can make one other person enjoy their time on this earth a little more, then that is something worth achieving. There are not enough positive influences on the planet right now. Music in particular as an art-form is controlled and manipulated by money hungry major labels. Hopefully the internet will continue to change this sad fact.


From West to East and vice versa

[Davos] I think audiences in Australia and the UK are a little numb to new musical experiences. There are so many bands/venues and nightlife options, it takes something amazing, and very well promoted, to catch the attention of even non-mainstream audiences. In other parts of Europe, Berlin, Prague, Basel, it felt that people were more open to new and interesting forms of musical expression. Perhaps not overwhelmed by the commercialism of modern 'independent' music. We had a great response in the US where DJ culture is not so entrenched and bands are more prominent. It seemed like our combination of band and electronic fitted the growing electronic scene. In Taiwan, we've always enjoyed playing to both local and foreign audiences. There are so many opportunities for bands to play to audiences, parties and festivals that would be very difficult to develop in our countries. Taiwanese people seem very happy to hear and engage with new music and fun experiences. They are truly great audiences and seem happy to give genuine feedback when they have felt something from your performance. As far as the changes over the years, it seems that here, as in other parts of the world, live electronic music is becoming more popular. Bands such as KbN, Sonic Deadhorse and Macbeth are brilliant and getting a lot of good reviews. This could be due to our change to a different style and therefore more awareness of what is happening in the live electronic scene, but it seems to be the case.

Probably the most difficult time we've overcome as a band was playing in the very competitive music scene in Melbourne, Australia. We worked really hard and played a lot of shows in great venues, but playing to small audiences can be very disheartening. It was really weird playing to 10 people in Davos' birthplace one month, and then the next playing to 100 strangers in Europe.


Acute and aware

As cliche as it may sound, the best music we've created comes from tough times. Not so much our own personal experiences, but being acutely aware of the unhappiness and inequality of the world around us. Hi-Life Wedding know that from difficult and sad times, beautiful things can evolve. It may not be so pleasant to see and feel these things, but if you channel your reactions in the right direction, there is a purpose.

We want to continue to create and perform our music as long as life allows. We've been enjoying it more and more, having great experiences and meeting amazing people along the way. We are currently recording our first album. We are working with a brilliant local artist/designer Jin. We are talking to several local and foreign musicians to collaborate on future shows. From the line-up of our most recent performance at the funky new venue The Empress, which included the stunning DaJieDa Divas drag queen show, it is clear we are keen to work with other any artists whose motivation is fun. Who knows what the future holds.

Watch an interview with the band

Filmed and edited by Cerise

Hi-Life Wedding will perform at the Taipei Empress Lounge on Sat. September 1st, 2011. More info on the band's website and facebook.



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