From Atolan to New Guinea

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Futuru Tsai is a native of Hsinchu in Taiwan. He first went to the Atolan Community (Dulan) when he was 23, where he became the honourary son of Kapah, a local Amis person. He was given the Amis name Futuru and also joined the Atolan Community’s Sakakaay No Kapah (Age Group).

After Futuru Tsai graduated from university, he went on to work for a semi-conductor company in Hsinchu Science Park. Later he started to take an interest in the study of anthropology.

Using multimedia, Futuru has devoted himself over the years to the study of the cultural and historical memory of Taiwanese indigenous peoples. His 1995 work - Amis Hip Hop - documented a group of Atolan teenagers who integrated popular culture with their own Amis culture and tradition to create a unique physical performance.

In 2009, Futuru Tsai completed From New Guinea to Taipei. In this film, the younger generation of an Amis family make a trip to Papua New Guinea to the area where their grandfather fought during World War II. The film not only reflects on the lost history of Taiwanese indigenous people, but also how the trip expanded the horizons of the individuals involved.

After Typhoon Morakot hit Taiwan on the 8th of August 2009, Futuru began documenting the disaster area of the Jialan Community, Taitung. In 2010, he completed the work A New Flood - a documentary looking at the Typhoon Morakot disaster from an indigenous standpoint.

Futuru intends to continue his travels and studies in Papua New Guinea and nearby Pacific regions in the future, with the goal of assisting Taiwan to understand more about the Austronesian world.

From Atolan to New Guinea, Futuru Tsai follows the Austronesian footprints, heading against the flow of Kuroshio Current. In this way he continues to learn life lessons from indigenous people and also works to broaden and enrich the lives of Taiwan’s Austronesian population.

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Futuru Tsai (蔡政良)

2011第三屆「生命永續獎」得獎者-蔡政良(紀錄片導演,學者)Futuru Tsai


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