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Some people have nightmares. Some terrible thing is happening to them, but then just as it is about to reach culmination they wake up screaming, heart pounding, gasping for breath. Others report dreaming that they are falling and just before they hit the ground they wake up. I seldom have nightmares, but when I do they go all the way or I escape.

When I was small I often dreamt that I was running as fast as I could to avoid being grabbed by some evil man chasing me. I could fly, but just couldn’t get off the ground to escape until the very last moment when I would finally manage to soar upward beyond the grasp of my pursuer. Or I would be falling at great speed toward the ground, but instead of waking up I would feel the jolt of my body hitting the ground and gaze on my crumpled body before calmly waking up.

Once I dreamt I was lying in a skid row hotel. Outside the neon sign was casting an orange glow through the window. Suddenly I was aware that someone had entered my room and was approaching the bed. He had a dagger in his hand and I felt its point against the skin of my chest and then heard the dull grating sound it made as it cut through my flesh. I slowly faded into unconsciousness as my life force seeped out through the wound. Yet another time I was accosted by a man with a gun who shot me in the chest and I saw myself fall to the ground and die. But in each of these two dreams, that wasn’t the end of the dream. My soul rose from the bodies and I went in pursuit of my assailants, but I woke up before anything else happened.

Once in my dream I was outside walking when I looked up and saw an atomic bomb floating down hanging from a parachute. Don’t ask me how I knew it was a nuclear device. I suppose in dreams we are endowed with special insights. Just before the device exploded I remember thinking that I was about to die and so according to popular belief I should be seeing a montage of all I have done in my life. But before this happened, the bomb went off, there was a bright light followed by shades of red, purple, yellow and green more beautiful than anything I had ever experienced before or since. I knew I was dead, but found myself on the sidewalk outside a big department store and there in every window was the enactment of some capital sin like a series of temptations. Before I could be tempted I woke up. Was God protecting me from temptation?

For me going to sleep is like entering a land of make believe. I dream a lot, but seldom remember the details when I wake up. Sometimes in my dreams I am disabled like in real life, but often I am not. Sometimes bad things happen, sometimes I do great things, but most of the time I am just enjoying life together with my friends. When I lie down to sleep, I look forward to the dream world I am about to enter and I’m seldom disappointed.

I just looked up interpreting dreams on the internet and it came up in .19 seconds with a listing of 233,000 files. I was informed that my dreams might be indications of deep inner problems or secrets; they might be my inner self crying out for help or God trying to communicate with me. There were persons urging me to write down in detail everything I remember of my dreams as soon as I wake up so that I can sit down later and interpret what they mean. I have tried and failed many times to keep a diary; there is no way I would ever persevere in keeping any log of my dreams. Besides, I feel no urge to know what they mean. If my life was going array or I was experiencing problems I could not handle, dream interpretation would probably be a good tool for exploration. But at least for the present I am content to leave the interpretation to others.

Sweet dreams, everyone.
Robert Ronald

Bob was among the most prolific writers of eRenlai. He passed away peacefully on January 2 2009 in Taipei. A tribute to his life and his work can be found here on eRenlai:

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