The victims, the victims and the other victims

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For the past 10 years Lu Ping and Lu Jing have been fighting to overturn the guilty verdict in the Chan Chun-tzu murder case. Their brother Lu Cheng was charged with the murder, and sentenced to death. On 7 September 2000 he was executed. The family found there were huge inadequacies with the case.  They argue that Lu Cheng was a brother, a father and a human being, thus the potential that he was unjustly executed brings the whole system of justice into disrepute. Here Lu Cheng's older sister's give their voice on what they see as a latent miscarriage of justice.

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The spirit medium

From a foreigner's point of view, one of the strangest things in the case was the involvement of a sort of psychic, or from the Chinese 'spirit medium' (lingmei). While for many the use of a spiritual medium in solving a crime would beggar belief, shockingly the role of the psychic appears not to have been eradicated from use in the Taiwanese judicial system. The clerk in a law court, Pan Minjie, discussed her visions with the police regarding the murder of Chan Chun-tzu when they were without leads. The police had apparently been under huge pressure to solve the crime, or perhaps find a scapegoat. The Lu's say that they found and arrested Lu Cheng as a suspect on the grounds of the spiritual medium visions. Then after 36 hours in the police station, with many issues regarding the lack of complete interview recordings, and with reports from the family of torture and extortion, Lu Cheng signed a confession. After the sentence had been passed they never again re-investigated the psychic aspect of the case and the recordings were never released.

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