What next for Cancún: stakes and challenges

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In December 2009, parties and stakeholders took note of the Copenhagen Accord, one of the documents that emerged from the COP15 and one of the more important documents in the post-Kyoto framework since COP13 resulting from long negotiations. However, the parties in the accord just “took note” and for the time being, negotiations to formulate the Post-Kyoto framework continue. The current negotiation process, including the AWG meetings in Tianjin, identify some key agendas for COP16 in Cancún. Tomonori Sudo joined former Deputy Secretary-General of the OECD, Herwig Schloegl and NTU Professor Lee Hong-Yuan, for the 4th Session of Taipei summit Navigating Climate Change from Local to Global. The session entitled "What next at Cancún?" was chaired by Fabrizio Bozzato.

This presentation by Tomonori Sudo focused on the expectations of COP negotiations on key agendas including NAMAs, REDD+ and Climate Finance.

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Tomonori Sudo

Tomonori Sudo, Ph.D., Expert, Africa Department & Operations Strategy Department, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), JAPAN.
Dr. Tomonori Sudo is in charge of climate strategy planning in JICA's Operations, and he is also serving as a member of bureau of "Environment and Development Cooperation network" of the OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC). Dr. Sudo received his Ph.D.
in International Studies from Waseda University and obtains Associate membership of Institute for Environment Management and Assessment

須藤友則博士負責日本國際協力機(JICA)的氣候變遷政策規劃業務,並擔任OECD發展協 助委員會(Development Assistance Committee, DAC)的「環境與發展合作網」主席 團成員之一。須藤友則先生在早稻田大學取得國際研究博士學位,並獲得英國環境管理和稽核 協會(IEMA)的合作會員(Associate membership)資格。

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