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Xavier Guijarro

Xavier Guijarro

Green Cross International Value Change Program Director
Director of the Earth Dialogues of Green Cross International from
2004, and in addition, from 2008, Director of Environmental Education and Awareness, under the umbrella of the Value Change Program,coordinating worldwide the educational activities of the Green Cross network and promoting the geostrategic organization of the Earth Dialogues around the globe. Member of the Board of Green Cross Spain from its inception in 2003.

International Consultant and Lecturer
Wide experience in consultancy services for institutions, business
companies and NGOs, specializing in environmental, sustainability
and educational issues. Lecturer on related topics ranging from
philosophy and history to policy making and project implementation in the 2004 Universal Forum of Cultures, the 2006 International Water Dialogues and the 2008 Brazil Earth Dialogue, among others.

Professional Congress Organizer
From 1989, owner and manager of the Congress Organizing Company
Interfractalia, after having gathered worldwide expertise as event
organizer in Auckland, New Zealand; San Francisco, California;
Hamburg, Germany; Manila, Philippines and Barcelona, Spain.

NGO expert
NGO work with the International Institute for Rural Reconstruction
based in Silang, Philippines, as development agent posted in Central America (Mexico, Guatemala and El Salvador) from 1985 to 1987. NGO involvement to date in India, USA, Spain and Germany.

Translator and Interpreter
From 1989 to 2002, official AIIC conference interpreter for the
United Nations posted in Cairo, Nairobi and Bangkok. From 1980,
part-owner of the TIMING cooperative in Spain, managing a large
team of translators and interpreters working for Governments, large multinational companies and public radio and television channels.

Professional in Education
Language teacher at different Secondary Education public and private schools, Board of Exams Chairman for simultaneous interpretation at the University of Vic (Barcelona), professor of Multicultural relations at the University of San Francisco (USA), and trainer in sustainable development in the Philippines and Central America as development agent and in the Polynesian islands of Tahiti and Rangiroa as cultural and social mediator.

Academic background
Classical and modern language diplomas in Latin, Greek, English,
French, German, Catalan and Spanish. Working knowledge of Italian,
Portuguese and Tahitian. MA in Philosophy and BA courses in Biology and Economics. PhD studies in Multicultural Education.

Green Cross International 改變價值觀計畫主任
Green Cross International改變價值觀計畫主任Green Cross International 從2004年起地球對話的主任,此外,從2008年起,環境教育與意識主任,隸屬於改幣價值觀計畫,協調Green Cross網路的全球教育活動,並在全球推廣地球對話的第源戰略組織。從2003年成立以來,就一直擔任西班牙Green Cross董事會的董事。


在紐西蘭奧克蘭、加州舊金山、德國漢堡、菲律賓馬尼拉與西班牙巴塞隆納擔任活動企劃凝聚全球的專業知識之後,從1989年起,擔任Congress Organizing Company Interfractalia的

NGO 專家
NGO與菲律賓Silang的International Institute for Rural Reconstruction合作,從1985到1987年,擔任派駐中美洲(墨西哥、瓜地馬拉與薩爾瓦多)的開發代表。到目前為止,NGO遍及印度、美國、西班牙與德國。

從1989到2002年,聯合國派駐開鑼、奈洛比與曼谷的正式AIIC大會口譯。從1980年起,西班牙TIMING 合作社的股東,管理為政府、大型國際公司與公共電台及電視頻道工作的龐大筆譯與口譯團隊。



Wednesday, 01 June 2011 00:00


2010年11月8-9日,台北利氏學社和新北市政府合辦「低碳城市首長高峰會」,邀請了城市首長、非政府組織代表與專家學者,前來討論氣候變遷的種種因應措施。其中,瑞士綠十字國際組織新價值計畫專案主任Xavier Guijarro和企畫經理Annapoorna Boccasam與我們分享了綠十字國際組織的寶貴經驗。


Tuesday, 16 November 2010 00:00

A Green Cross to bear

Director Xavier Guijarro and project manager Annapoorna Boccasam of Green Cross International's Value Change Programme were invited to the City Halls to Cancun Corridors summit in Taipei to represent their organisation and tell us their experiences of local level governance on various climate change issues.

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