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Inete Ielite

Inete Ielite

Riga Energy Agency,Latvia

Ms. Ielite has been involved in creating new legislation, policies andservices at local, national and international arena in the education, social and environment fields both through professional and voluntary work.

She has focused on building partnerships for development of communities with public and private sector and has managed large-scale EU-funded projects.
She holds L.M.M. in International and EU Law, and is proceeding with her PhD studies in economics and public affairs.

Since 2004 she has been deeply engaged in energy issues, in 2007 being appointed the Management Board Member of Riga Energy Agency. Ms Ielite is highly recognized by local authorities, professional and voluntary
organizations in Latvia and outside.

Ms. Inete Ielite is the Vice – Chair of the Management Committee for EU 2010 Year against Poverty and Social Exclusion in Latvia.




Saturday, 27 November 2010 16:34

Riga's revolution: other arenas of governance

Inete Ielite chaired Session 3: Other arenas of governance at the conference City Halls to Cancun Corridors: Navigating climate change from local to global. This session looked at the development of alternative and possible competitive forums of governance in the battle against climate change and environmental protection.

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