On the shoulders of Matteo Ricci: Adam Schall von Bell

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As we know, Matteo Ricci was the first Jesuit to make a significant impact in China however since then there has been various other Jesuits who have had shaped the history of dialogue between the western and Chinese civilisations. Among the most significant is Fr. Adam Schall von Bell

In 1618, Fr. Johann Adam Schall von Bell, a brilliant young Jesuit scholar from Germany, set out for the mysterious and still little-known land of China. Following in the footsteps of his Jesuit missionary predecessor Matteo Ricci, Schall mastered the Chinese language and diligently adapted his lifestyle to Chinese culture. When Schall's talents in astronomy and mathematics attracted the attention of the Ming Dynasty Emperor, he was appointed head of the Bureau of Astronomy and given the monumental task of renovating the Chinese calendar.

Schall retained his position even after the Ming Dynasty fell and was replaced by the Manchu Qing Empire. He became the close friend and spiritual guide of the young Qing Emperor who raised Schall to the highest official level ever attained by a westerner in Chinese history-Mandarin of the First Class. When the Emperor met with an early death, Schall was influential in choosing his successor - the great Kangxi Emperor - who came to be China's longest reigning and most respected ruler. It was the Kangxi Emperor that issued the edict giving the Catholic Church legal status in China.

In memory of Fr. Johann Adam Schall von Bell The Kuangchi Program Service, Taipei and Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation, Nanjing have jointly produced a two-part TV docudrama following Schall throughout his long and dramatic life in China, his accomplishments, his struggles with his fellow missionaries as well as his own conscience, his persecution and narrow escape from a cruel death, and his official burial presided over by the Emperor himself.

To purchase the full version of the DVD Adam Schall von Bell: In the Service of Emperors contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit the Kuangchi Program Service of Taipei. Also available are educational documentaries on Matteo Ricci, his good friend Xu Guangqi and Fr. Francis Xavier.


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