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From Taichung. Developer of Taiwanese language software. For many years, ardent advocate for Taiwanese education. He has devised the Keyman POJ method of imputing Taiwanese, and promotes a Minnan language version of Wikipedia. Holding a doctorate in physics from the University of California San Diego, he is presently an assistant professor in the Physics Department of Qinghua University.
There are in the world more than 50 million people who speak Minnan (also called Taiwanese or Ho-lo-Oe). In relation to the number of speakers of other languages, the Minnan speakers stand in 21st place. Tan Pek-tiong indicates that, presently, there are two hundred systems of writing Taiwanese and the vernacular (Peh-oe-ji) is the clearest standard norm, accounting also for the greatest number of historical records.
Peh-oe-ji, also called missionary Romanization or Taiwanese Romanization, uses Latin letters to write Taiwanese. It was created and promoted by Christian Presbyterian missionaries in the 19th century. Taiwan’s first mass media publication was 1885’s “Church Report about Taiwan Region”. It introduced the use of the new vernacular transcription. So the Minnan Wikipedia mentioned above was composed using this system.
Tan Pek-Tiong believes that the Minnan Encyclopedia can help Taiwan’s young computer connected generation to recognize and understand their mother tongue. He also says that many foreign web pals can learn the peh-oe-ji to advance the use of Minnan language and make it visible to the whole world.
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