Falling Off The Map: Global Issues from a Regional Perspective

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I contend that Oceania is falling of the map because politicians and economists are pushing it off the map. Only people in academia use the word "Oceania", we use the word "Pacific" or "Asia-Pacific" but it is very unusual to use the word "Oceania".  I claim that one of the largest groups that can help to keep Oceania on the map is the Catholic Church...

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Arthur Leger

Fr Arthur Leger, born in 1955, is from the Pacific Islands, a citizen of Fiji, and joined the Jesuits in Micronesia in 1994. He has a long career as an educator, both before joining the Society and afterwards. He has completed Master’s degrees in Educational Administration, Christianity and Culture, and in Divinity. At Gonzaga University, Spokane, he completed a doctorate in Leadership Studies, with his thesis on the pastoral approach of Church leaders in the Pacific. Fr Leger is especially alert to questions of culture, cultural differences, and the way these realities affect spirituality and religious practices. He has interest in pastoral adaptation and renewal, questions central to the programs of the EAPI.
He is currently the director of the East Asia Pastoral Institute, Manila.

亞瑟‧李格(Arthur Leger)神父是耶穌會士,生於1955年,來自太平洋的斐濟。
他在1994年參加密克羅尼西亞的耶穌會。他在參加之前就是一位教育家,一直至今。他擁有教育 管理、基督教與文化和神學的碩士學位,並在美國斯波坎的貢薩格大學(Gonzaga University)完成領導學領域(leadership study)的博士學位。他的論文討論太平洋地區的教會領導者的牧靈取徑。李格神父特別關心文化、文化差異的問題,以及這些社會現實如何影響性靈與宗教的實踐。同時,他的興趣在於牧靈的適應與革新,這也是東亞牧靈學院(East Asia Pastoral Institute)的計畫之核心問題。他目前為馬尼拉東亞牧靈中心的主任。

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