Navigating your 20's in Taiwan

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In 2010, Taiwan had the lowest fertility rate of any country ever. With such a low amount of births, what are the expectations of the youth towards marriage? How has this trend affected the choice between career and family? We aim to find out the answers to these questions with our focus this month, which tries to tackle the thoughts and issues of Formosan youth from many different angles.

The first subject we tackle is that of marriage. Here, we have a variety of different opinions. There is the Chinese teacher in her late twenties who wants to focus on her career until it is established before contemplating marriage. Her view on delaying marriage is also supported by a masters student who believes it is too expensive to get married and have children for the youth of today. Also related to the marriage situation are our articles regarding the declining birth rate in Taiwan. We learn some reasons for the low birth rate here, and we also discover that the problem may not be as dramatic as the media would have us believe.

Our other main topic is the job and university situation of young people and the challenges that they may find pursuing their dreams. Two students, one from a restrictive all-girls school background, and one a student come to the big city from the South, will share with us their different university experiences and how they have transformed their lives, in addition to expressing their hopes and aspirations for life after graduation. We will also hear from people working in different jobs, such as the content tarot reader, and a struggling actor. They will each share their opinions about family expectations and pressures from society and the difficulty meeting them when doing a rewarding, but not necessarily well-paid job.


Photo by Wesley He

Daniel Pagan Murphy (李大年)

Graduated from the University of Leeds with a BA Chinese-International Relations in 2009. He has been living in Taiwan ever since and has been working at eRenlai since 2011.

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