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Chinese Investors in Swaziland

The Chinese are the largest group of foreign investors in my country, and their numbers continue to grow today. They open numerous textile factories in my country and employ many Swazi people to work for them. My government has always welcomed Chinese investors to come to Swaziland as these companies provide many job opportunities for the Swazi people. People who work in the Textile companies are made up of either single mothers or high school drop-outs. This was a good opportunity for them to support themselves.

I had a relative who once worked at one of the textile companies near my home in Swaziland. She has told me much about her experience working with Chinese people, and it was often negative. She recalls working long hours and receiving little pay. Employees were searched every time they entered factory in order to make sure they hadn’t stolen anything. They were also not excused from work even if they were gravely ill; the boss wouldn’t accept any absences from work. She quit the job after a few months because she found it too tough working for the Chinese. “They seem to be only worried about their productions. Never their employee’s health”, she said.

I personally feel that the existence of Chinese investors is a good thing for my countrymen as it provides the much-demanded work opportunities that would help our economy in the future. However working for Chinese people is very tough. I have lived in Taiwan for eight years now and I know how hard it is to communicate with the people and adapt to the Chinese culture. To be African and to live in Taiwan is an exceptional experience that has aided me in solving many of the misconceptions that Africans often have for the Chinese. Our differences are great and despite disagreeing with the many things they do, I have decided to accept it and hope that they too will adapt and respect our cultures whilst in Swaziland.

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