The magic keyboard

by Bob on 週六, 08 十二月 2007 評論
There was a story teller, Me,
Who had no tale to tell,
It was so plain for all to see,
My Muse had lost its spell.

When I informed my agent, Bill,
No more was I inspired,
He said “If this is true, I will
Be forced to have you fired.”

I racked my brain to find a plot
On which to spin a tale.
Alas, although I tried a lot,
It came to no avail.

At last, I let my mind stay blank,
But made my fingers fly.
It is the keyboard I must thank.
It wrote my tale, not I.

And that is why I feel ashamed.
It was a great surprise.
My writing skills became acclaimed
The story won a prize.

But now no matter how I wish
The wonder to repeat.
My keyboard writes but gibberish
And laughs at my defeat.

I’ve started writing tales again.
They don’t turn out as well
As when the keyboard was my pen,
A blushing tale to tell.

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