Childhood Melody

by Mei-kuen on 週二, 25 三月 2008 評論
FAO Schwarz, Fifth Avenue, New York

A kid was discovering the joy of creating music. Amused by the scene, a man decided to join the little boy and dance along. The kid and the clerk interacted just like the white and black keys of the piano, and they played a touching piece of music together.

Santa Lucia, Venice, Italy
2007/ 8/30

In Venice, the Hindu girl was first asked by her mom to sit still on the stair. but then, encouraged by her elder sister, she got up to play with doves in the square. The laughter spread all around. Finally, all the kids joined her and played with the doves!

Bath, England 英國,巴斯

The little girl lost her way in the city in Bath. But she walked unhurriedly in the crowd, like a sign of rest. She seemed to be wondering why everyone around her had to walk so quickly. As I just I took this picture, her father showed up. His hurried manner contrasted sharply with his daughter’s composure.

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