Flâneur Daguerre: An Alternative to Modern Jazz

by on 週二, 28 六月 2011 評論

Formed in June 2009, the group brings together some of the island's finest improvisers from diverse musical backgrounds, both foreign and Taiwanese. Flâneur Daguerre was founded on the belief that modern music, especially that which is so-called "avant-garde," can be enjoyed and accessed by the same audiences that find comfort in today's mainstream pop. The band explores free jazz, Eastern European and Balkan music, but they often subject pop and rock + roll forms to the improvising methods of jazz and Indian musicians.

Louis Goldford, soprano saxophone
Lio Pinard, accordion
Martijn Vanbuel, piano
Kelvin Chuang (莊嘉維), bass
Weichung Lin, drums

(Photo by Scarlett Ho)

Watch an interview with Louis Goldford at La Caja de Musica.

(Interview filmed by Fao and Cerise, edited by Pinti and Cerise)

Flâneur Daguerre participates in the 2011 Renlai World Music Compilation, more info here. The band also plays at Renlai Concert#3, more info here.





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