Pingwu county after the earthquake

by on 週四, 01 十月 2009 評論
Today, most of the Qiang people live in the area of Wenchuan and Beichuan in northern Sichuan, near the epicentre of the great earthquake that shocked the whole region on May 12, 2008. Some of the great stone towers guarding the old villages collapsed. The human, economic and cultural damages were such that one could fear for the very survival of the Qiang.

In Pingwu County, one can still witness, standing side by side, the ruins of old houses and new construction funded by the State. Local authorities hope to build a tourist economy based on a standardized but more lucrative version of Qiang traditional culture.

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Liang Zhun (梁准)


"Ah-zhun" (AZ) is a photographer and reporter from Canton who has lived in Sichuan for the last fifteen years, researching the ethnic minorities of southwestern China. She has taught photography in two universities of Chengdu, and is a member of the Chinese Society for Ethnographic Photography. She has volunteered in the areas devastated by the Sichuan earthquake for more than five months. She is now starting anew as the chief editor of "A-Z cultural enterprise, Shanghai", a company specializing in cultural exchange and creation.





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