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Jean-Jacques was born in Paris and raised in Brussels, Belgium, where he spent most of his lifetime with his taiwanese parents. He has 2 passions in his life : animation, and chinese traditional arts. He graduated in Brussels from the famous national art university called La Cambre, where he majored in animation and film direction.

A few years ago, he rediscovered step by step and from a distance his Chinese cultural roots and history, through movies, litterature, arts, martial arts, and even cooking; and gradually he fell in love with it. He strongly believes this happened only because he lived at the other end of the world from his roots, hence the need to discover them in order to figure out who he was.

He came back to Taiwan 4 years and half ago in order to find a job in animation, and has since then been an animation freelancer, working for several MVs, ads, and also storyboarding for a taiwanese anime feature movie and TV series projects, as well as a role as a special FX artist for the same TV series project.

Eventually, he aims to direct a feature animation movie or series which would have the dynamics and rythm of japanese anime, blended with the aesthetic and philosophic aspect of the traditional chinese paintings. Two of the prototypes for his goal are his last student movie : The sword and the brush.

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