A little less perfection, and a little more imagination

by Julia on 週一, 23 三月 2009 評論
I have noticed that Taiwanese tend to have goals that are consistently unrealistic and out of reach. I believe this is caused by an educational system which compels students to pursue perfect test scores on tests which are exceedingly difficult. The volume of material that needs to be memorized and the tricky nature of the multiple choice tests make acing a test next to impossible, yet it remains the students’ goal.

This attitude carries over into the work place as employees are constantly looking to move up the ladder in order to, of course, make more money. I ask them how they intend to move up this ladder they say:
1. They just wish or hope it happens
2. They hope someone will quit or get fired.
3. They try to work hard in the hopes that their boss will notice them

If they really don’t see any possibility of promotion they resolve themselves to the idea that they have no choice and that nothing will change in their lives.

Now it is easy to say that most people want more money for one reason or another but here it seems that money is viewed as a “reward”, and it is the only one they can hope for. There is nothing resembling the satisfaction gained by achieving a greater level of responsibility, respect or achievement. Invariably, if a promotion is achieved, the stakes get higher and the pressure to excel seems to increase, the climb steeper.

In school, neither the parents nor the teachers give what I have come to know as “positive feedback”, nothing is said or done to affirm the efforts made by the students, there is only the push to do better and punishments if expectations are not met. I have never heard a student say their parents were proud of them. I have only rarely heard an employee say they were proud of themselves. And only seldom does a parent demonstrate the awareness of this issue and accompanies with it with the intention to change the system.

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