Europe is not a Chinese puzzle! China-Europe Forum 2007

by on 週一, 17 十二月 2007 評論

A book that was published in Chinese and in French draws our attention to a most creative initiative, due to the “Fondation Charles Meyer pour le Progres de l’Homme”: the biennial China-Europa Forum, the second installment of which was held in October 2007.

The Forum had been conceived as a ‘two-stage’ event to implement dialogue between China and Europe. The first installment, which took place in China (in the city of Nansha, close to Guangzhou), invited the key actors and protagonists in the construction of the European Union to share with the Chinese their experiences and vision for Europe. The main subject of this forum was European Integration, and how China and the world at large could learn from Europe’s experience.

As European construction and development were the starting point and center of discussions, the published proceedings of the first Forum Europe is not a Chinese puzzle! (L’Europe, c’est pas du chinois!) can be seen as a presentation and a history of the European construction from an Asian perspective. Contributors such as Michel Rocard, Wu Jianmin, Jordi Pujol, Milan Kucan or Jean-Louis Bourlanges discuss issues related to world governance and globalization, through the European Union experience: “What are the challenges of a China-Europe partnership?” (Wu Jianmin) and “Can the European Union be a source of inspiration for the world governance?” (Michel Rocard)

More than a simple forum of discussion for mutual understanding, the initiative opens up a platform for redirecting the European construction towards the development of a multipolar world, a goal for which China’s contributions will be crucial. The relationship between Europe and China is not meant to benefit only the two regions, it should contribute to new ways of conceiving and implementing world governance.
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