Usi AJ: From the Ganges to the Pacific Coast of Taiwan

by on 週一, 01 八月 2011 評論

Usi AJ has apparently been called "The biggest protogenesis fusion artist" (We're not so sure what that means either). He says that he got familiar with traditional Indian sitar music and World Fusion Music when he accidentally bought the wrong CD, and so it was by this random chance that he immersed himself into the research and development of Asian music. He hopes to continue the legacy of Taiwan's Kebalan tribe's culture and music. In order that people can get in touch with his music, Usi AJ assembled many Taiwanese musicians to form "Siyu Sitar", and through continued creative projects and performances, he hopes that everyone can come to a deeper understanding of the charm of Asian culture.


Interview by Fao and Cerise, edited and subtitled by Lisa.

Usi AJ participates in the in the 2011 Renlai World Music Compilation, he'll perform during Renlai concert #2 on August 19th in Taipei, more info here.





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