I dance, therefore I am...

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When you think the last of your youth has been robbed from you; your energy, ideals and dreams...

Stop! Look! Listen! Dance!

Empower yourself, stop thinking, relieve your mind of any thoughts and achieve enlightenment through dancing. Everyone needs to sing or dance. Are you missing out on this aspect of life? Enjoyed from it's purest and simplest to its most complex forms, dance has been pushing the boundaries of the human body since the dawn of man.

Dance is a natural high, both healthy and cathartic. Perhaps suggesting that if the world leaders got together and danced, all the wars of the world would be ended, could be oversimplified, perhaps even heretic, but... perhaps, just perhaps it would. On a smaller scale their is real healing potential in dance. When words become scarce, your body can become your language. A flick of the neck and a twirl can say "I'm yours"; as you stride the floor at a wedding all the family quarrels can be forgotten in an instant; and bouncing up and down at a rave in the mountains can defeat the anxiety of any economic crisis as faith in nature, in the pure is restored.

Dance is also a non-exclusive recreational activity, in which anyone can partake in regardless of means, class or status. Dance and rave culture produced the generation of love, or the Peace, Love, Unity and Respect where people of all creed and colour joined in bliss. Whether you are the most gymnastic of dancers in the infamous Cloud Gate, one of the Queen's finest in the Royal Ballet or a hundred year-old Kazuo Ohno still twirling his fingers to the very last beat. Whether you are attending your first school disco, raving away your adrenaline-filled teens, or enjoying your hard earned retirement, ballroom dancing in front of Houhai Park in Beijing.

AboJiexin01In the case of East-West dialogue there is much to be appreciated and gained from this cross-cultural exploration. With globalisation, a whole new world of exploration has been opened to us. The Beijingers have taken to Ballroom dancing and made it an outdoor park pastime. All over Asia interest is generated in obscure dances of aborigine and minority groups as a protection and celebration of diversity. Many dancers have started adopting Indian and Buddhist meditation techniques combining them with various dance forms. All around the world people are fusing different dance concepts and while language is the first step to understanding another culture, dance is a language that can help you reach another level.

We were able to put this months focus together with the generous collaboration of five dance acts and an experimental piece of dance-performance art. Firstly, we present the technical finesse Liu Shao-lu's Taipei Dance Circle and his three dancers Wang Xianbin, Huang Ruyue, Liujiaxing who we filmed in a rehearsal that was more powerful than than most performances. They combine contemporary dance with eastern martial arts and Taichi but incorporate Taiwanese traditional ceremonies. Then we report on the Horse company who are self-proclaimed as the only male-exclusive band in Taiwan. The Yuan Dancers also include old customs and their Arts Director Faidaw Fagod brings us back to the roots of Aboriginal dance in Taiwan. In contrast, the to-hot-to-handle dancers of Taiwan's only burlesque troupe, the Rock in Hose, use humour and parody to promote their social causes. If that hasn't inspired you to swing, twist, jump and twirl, we also explore some experimental acts with Sannyas tribute and development of the form of Butoh favoured by the recently deceased Kazuo Ohno, and a young digital artist Shih Wei-Chieh combines his inventions with that of freelance dancer Li Jiexin to create his latest piece 2304 + 1.

"I care not how you dance, but why" Pina Bausch

(Photos by Yu-ying Li and Shih Wei-chieh)


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I was born in sunny Torbay on the south western coast of England's green and pleasant lands. I'm prowling the streets, parks and ruins of Taiwan hunting for absurdities and studying the sociology of the underground. Furthermore with our nomadic arts and action space "The Hole" we attempt to challenge rigid and alienating structures.






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