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In memory of Matteo Ricci’s 400th anniversary of arrival in Beijing

A painter from Sichuan narrates his visit to the native town of Matteo Ricci…

"On August 13, 2000, Jacques Duraud and I took the train departing from Rome. It took about more than two hours to Macerata — the hometown of Matteo Ricci — the sacred land which I had dreamed of days and nights. I would be seeing you very soon, my dear friend Ricci…. My heart was full of hope. “Where exactly is Macerata?” I urgently asked when Fr. Duraud opened a map of Italy. “This is Macerata,” Jacques Duraud said, pointing to a little spot next to the railroad line on the map."

“Macerata! Macerata!” When Jacques Duraud was whispering the name in French, I somehow felt that the voice was so mysterious, as if it was coming from a far distance, and yet so close to the heart. Where was it from? I could not answer the question. But I just felt that it was very genial, very close, and then even closer. I was about to arrive the holy land I had dreaming of — a place where the holy spirit was born. (...)

April, 16, 2001.
© copyright 2001 by Taipei Ricci Institute; translated by Eddy Chang.

The whole tale with a set of 10 paintings are available on the Tale Image website
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Li Jinyuan (李金遠)

Li Jinyuan is a painter from Chengdu, professor at Sichuan Normal University, who keeps close contacts with friends in France, Germany, Japan and Thailand. He now navigates between ink and oil painting, making the journey a creative endeavor.

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