The Middle Class Fetish for Immortality: An Interview with Roan Ching-Yue

by on 週二, 25 一月 2011 8797 點擊 評論
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Roan Ching-Yue takes a stern stance on recent policies by local government to gentrify disused and derelict buildings, including the commercialization of buildings like Huashan, which he points to as a kind of mummification or an attempt to defeat time. He also tries to analyze the causes of the contemporary fixation with construction and how the Eastern tradition is a resource for a new way of thinking about buildings.

Watch the video here:

Interview conducted and filmed by Wu Siwei and Cerise Phiv. Video editing and subtitling by Conor Stuart.

For a related interview of Yao Jui-Chung click here.

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Conor Stuart (蕭辰宇)

Born in Belfast. Just finished his Master from the Graduate Institute of Taiwan Literature at National Taiwan University (NTU). Currently lives and works in Taipei. 





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