Chinese music goes to the sea

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The Traditional Chinese Music Orchestra is possibly Shanghai’s most exciting musical formation. While firmly rooted in tradition and relying on impressive scholarship, its musicians are also keen to introduce their public to new repertories, to mix up styles, times and places, and thus to display the diversity of China’s cultures. This is also a showcase of Shanghai’s spirit: where the river goes to the sea, all waters, all traditions mix up and take new dimensions and shapes. Shanghai has always been a place where cultures cross and fertilize in new, creative synthesis. There is something oceanic in the sound that comes from this orchestra as well as from the astounding variety of its repertory. Discover Chinese music as you never heard it before!

This documentary Seaside Serenade, Shanghai Traditional Chinese Music Orchestra was produced by AZ Cultural Enterprise in August 2009.

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Nicolas Priniotakis

Nicolas Priniotakis, French documentarist and independent researcher, has travelled through Asia, and particularly in Taiwan, centering of his work on the questions of identity, heritages and cultural transmissions vis-à-vis the transformational and social economics of our time. Along with Arnaud Lechat, they founded the structure "Big Mustang", whereby they focused on the performing arts of Southern India, the tea culture in China and Taiwan, and the Taiwanese opera. Their new film project relates to the Austronesian expansion in the Pacific.





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