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by on 週三, 05 十月 2011 評論
Mei-fang was one the project managers in charge of the participants and the host families. She tells us more about the selection process:

This program was aimed at inviting “international young people” to Taiwan, in this way, we hoped to spread the word about Taiwan’s hospitality and culture. We promoted this program through the use of various social networking platforms, such as Facebook, Plurk, Twitter and so on. Many university professors were also very enthusiastic in helping to promote this program to other universities around the world. Many other organizations including JCI (Junior Chamber International), AISEC, and Rotary International helped us to promote this program through their worldwide networks of members, and their members in Taiwan also took part by hosting our guests. AIESEC’s young college members also joined our volunteer groups.

During the process, the organizers noticed that using the internet to promote the program caused some problems for countries with a lack of convenient Internet access. As a result, we delayed the closing date for applications, allowing more countries to become aware of this activity and to be able to participate. We tried our best not to make the Internet become a tool which excluded people in the course of the project.

We had a large number of applicants this time, yet the organizers already had set in place a selection panel consisting of nine adjudicators, our criteria were as follows: familiarity with the internet, experience with other cultures, we also took into consideration their motivation for taking part and their plan for promoting the project in their own community.
When we were contacting the selected international youths, an invitee from Bolivia, Central American, mailed us and said that he was really excited. He told us that he had a preference for a coastal city because he could not see the ocean in his own country. Taiwan is, obviously, an island country, but in order to attain a placement close to the coast for our Bolivian invitee, we arranged a host family for him on Matsu. He was very pleased when he was notified, and he loved the two weeks of his homestay, appreciating the culture and enjoying the natural beauty of Matsu.
Mei-fang Tsai (蔡玫芳)

Mei-fang was Taipei Ricci Institute's manager. She is now the executive director of the Weiyuan Miculture Foundation.

前台北利氏學社經理 -  現任「微遠虎山」執行長






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