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週四, 29 九月 2011 17:56

238 x TW ÷ 105 = 100

In order to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of its foundation, the government of the R.O.C planned a broad array of activities and festivals. One program in particular caught our attention due to its extravagance and ambition: last February, the Council for Cultural Affairs decided to invite more than 200 young individuals from all over the world for a cultural exchange in Taiwan. After going through an elaborated selection process involving, for example, the posting of a video of motivation, 238 delighted candidates coming from 105 different countries, earned a plane ticket and the experience to be hosted by a family in Taiwan over twelve days. In exchange, they had to report about their stay on the island on blogs and other social media. Renlai had the chance to meet with seven of the ‘home-stayers’ coming from Latin America, Africa and Northern Europe. One can question the depth of such an exchange because of its short time span and its ‘touristic’ aspect, but one can also measure the benefit that the two parties drew from this experience. On the one hand, most of the visitors compensated the brevity of their stay with an intensity in the diversity and originality of their encounters and discoveries; and on the other hand, they brought a fresh and original look at Taiwan’s communal spaces and sites. So let us succumb to the impromptu and see Taiwan through the eyes of the newcomer...

Photo courtesy of Alice Lin

Focus: SayTaiwan

週四, 24 二月 2011 16:45

Let's 'SayTaiwan'

The build-up to ROC Taiwan's "International Youth Week - Centennial Homestay" has begun, with SayTaiwan calling for 250 participants from over one hundred countries, for this one off opportunity to experience the various colours and moods of this beautiful island. For the event that will be held over 12th-25th August, applicants are encouraged to send an optional video, 3-5 minutes in length, introducing themselves, along with the relevant documents before April 15th 2011.

In the Taiwanese dialect Seh-daiwan (遊台灣) means 'wander Taiwan'. SayTaiwan aims to promote Taiwan abroad, by giving these lucky individuals the chance to see for themselves what a beautiful, friendly and safe place Taiwan is. The winning participants will live with local families in different areas of lucky visitor will even get the opportunity to run in the park with Vice Premier Chen and his beloved dog. Asides from home staying with local families, the participants will be expected to report about their experiences in Taiwan through blogs, social networking and other internet mediums. Finally all the participants will travel to the very fringe of Taiwan, as they visit Kinmen Island, home of Taiwan's favourite sorghum wine - Kinmen Kaoliang - and just two kilometres from mainland China. There they will attend the "ROC Centennial Peace Day in Kinmen" and a farewell banquet.

During the opening press conference, journalists, government officials and some foreign guests were treated to a unique and lively Taiwanese dance performance. Afterwards Jasmine Brown, a Belizean student at National Taiwan Normal University, the home of the biggest Mandarin language centre in Taiwan, was asked to give her thoughts on Taiwan. "Taiwan is a beautiful country" she replied, before throwing praise on how "extremely safe" and "convenient" Taiwan was for her regular 3am journeys to convenience stores and fast food joints. She also expressed gratitude for how "friendly and helpful" the people on Taiwan were, giving a personal example:

"My little brother came to visit me in Taipei, and on his way back to Taipei from Tainan, he forgot his wallet in the Taxi. So he went back to Tainan and then he realised he didn't have his wallet. The taxi driver took his wallet to the police station and the police officer found his ID card from the Taekwondo teacher that my brother has. The Taekwondo teacher called and told my little brother that the card was safely back in Taipei. In any other country your wallet would be gone, but not in Taipei."

saytaiwan2But Taiwan is more than midnight snacking, Yoyo cards and metropolitan safe havens. Indeed there is much that the world can learn from Taiwan. It is one of the most advanced technology hubs in the world, uniquely positioned to share its culture and society through Asia and the Pacific; its demographic landscape is a sea of diversity, with over ten languages still spoken in Taiwan, even more native ethnic groups, and  very healthy Austronesian, Hakka and Chinese arts scenes all coexisting harmoniously together; finally, it is the home of bubble or pearl milk tea (珍珠奶茶), a fact not lost on those who received their own bubble tea as a leaving present. Taiwan also has much to learn from the rest of the world and will greatly look forward to the stories and experiences of their visiting friends.

For those interested in the project you can apply from the beginning of March 2011, until April 15th, 2011. More information here or email: Email住址會使用灌水程式保護機制。你需要啟動Javascript才能觀看它">

Focus: SayTaiwan





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