Erenlai - 按日期過濾項目: 週四, 02 八月 2007
Taipei. From Thailand. Executive Secretary of the “TransAsia Sisters Association, Taiwan (TASAT)”, engaged in educational activities concerning Thai language and culture and other cultures, so everyone can share the life experiences of immigrant spouses and fight for their rights and interests.

Vivacious, extroverted Eing found the language very difficult to learn when she first came to Taiwan, making her life here very painful. With the understanding of her husband, she returned to Thailand for several months to think over whether she should return to Taiwan and continue to fight for solving the difficulties of immigrant women.

Then Eing returned to Taiwan, determined to learn well Chinese and immerse herself in Taiwan life. At a community college she enrolled in a Chinese dyslexia course, joined the Malay Sisters Organization, and came in contact with the issues confronting newly arrived foreign brides. She became director of the Malay Sisters, an instructor of Malay culture at Yonghe Community University, an instructor at a hostel for newly arrived immigrants, and a lecturer about Southeast Asian cultures.

Eing said: “After completing my Chinese studies, I saw the misunderstandings in the media about immigrants, I could write protests in the newspapers, and standing up.” Be it in the media or meeting with officials, Eing can now speak with assurance and promote communication between Taiwan and South East Asian cultures.





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