Cherry blossoms in Taiwan

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Of all the seasons, springtime has to be the one that brings the most smiles to the most faces. Bringing fresh weather, moods, and opportunities, spring time in Taiwan is a special occasion for many reasons, and gives the country yet another chance to show its beautiful colors.

Tradition, cherry blossoms, and photography are three things that are commonly celebrated this time of year by many people in Taiwan.

Springtime and Chinese traditional culture go together like chicken and rice. For centuries, the springtime has been celebrated in Chinese culture as the season to bring prosperity and new beauty. The word ‘Dao’(到/倒) in Chinese can translate to two things, one being ‘has arrived’ and the other being ‘upside down’. This interesting translation leads people to take the Chinese characters for Spring (春)and good fortune(福) and turn them upside down, in an act to symbolize that the springtime has come and fortune will arrive shortly. Moreover, it is considered to be a time of year that brings good luck, long life, and new beauty and therefore is considered the most important season within Chinese Culture.

Springtime and new beauty doesn’t only come in the form of good luck however, it also comes in the form of nature’s beauty, especially in the form of the rare cherry blossom. Famous from ancient orient art and paintings, the cherry blossom is known for its rarity and beauty. Blooming only for several weeks out of the year, springtime and the cherry blossom bring people out of their beds and into the wild for a hike amongst the beautiful soft pink cherry blossoms and warm white sunshine.  Although this years cherry blossoms were late bloomers, the atmosphere they created on Yangming Mountain, New Beitou City, and many other parts of Taiwan was an incredible sight.

Countless numbers of people braved the journey to the top of Yangming Mountain this past weekend to catch a glimpse of plentiful cherry blossom trees. With a rich photography culture, Taiwanese and foreigners alike jumped at the opportunity to preserve these flowers photograph form. Besides professional photographer, an energetic group of travelers and photographers organized by CollinsCamera also made the trip to take advantage of this beautiful opportunity to take some photographs and meet some new friends. Events organized by Taipei City Government also included providing extra transportation and resources for people on the mountain to enjoy the flowers more conveniently.

Springtime is one of the most enjoyed seasons no matter where in the world. With warmer weather, vibrant mother nature showing its full colors, and the spirit of tradition in the air, the Taiwan springtime is a great opportunity to get outdoors an enjoy the beauty our world has to offer. Below are some of the images captured on the photography outing by CollinsCamera to Yangming Mountain on Sunday.

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Photos 1-2: Aaron - 3-4: Chris Collins

Chris Collins

Currently residing in Taipei, studying Mandarin at NCCU. Creator of 'CollinsCamera', a socially conscious photography equipment company.


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