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Roses in full bloom

In Taiwan, the Collective of Sex Workers and Supporters (COSWAS), has been fighting for the rights of former prostitutes since 1999, In 1997 the previously legal profession was criminalised under Chen Shuibian.
Li Jun, who turned to legal prostitution after her divorce, set up the organisation to struggle for the now jobless (or illegal) prostitutes after the law took effect in 2006, struggling for a longer buffer zone period for retraining for different jobs.

Having been delegitimised, the girls often had nowhere left to turn, many of them were far from earning sufficient savings to retire and most were old enough that it would have been difficult to change profession with only 2 years of legality. Furthermore, as in many societies, they are one of the most looked down on and marginalised groups in society and as such suffer the butt of much of societies prejudice. Most of the girls have bravely withstood and scrapped through difficult pasts before and during their prostitution.

Hence the Chinese name for the group is based on a local name, Ririchun (日日春) for the Catharanthus Roseus (Rosy Periwinkle) which survives formidably in the forests of the harsh climate in Taiwan. Thanks to Li Jun the girls now have a collective of sex workers and supporters to turn too, always on the front line struggling for a better future for the girls. No matter what weeds and torrential conditions they’re exposed to, the Rosy Periwinkles always blossom...
COSWAS’ website

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