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週一, 30 十一月 2009 11:02

The Purpose of Performance

Tim has a rich experience of involvement in social engaged arts in Australia. A few years ago he came to Indonesia where he now lives with his partner Rachel. Tim and Rachel’s house in Yogyakarta, is also the headquarters of Performance Klub. Here they combine their expertise in the arts, in protest and in social movements and take care of the daily running of the Performance Klub and its side projects.

I first decided I wanted to interview Tim when he told me that one of the greatest things about Perfurbance#3 festival was the inclusiveness, it wasn’t detached from the people who didn’t have the opportunity to study art degrees. He said that the audience really understood it and could relate to it and the performers also got something back.

Here Tim and Rachel discuss the function, praxis of performance art and their specific experiences with the Perfurbance festivals...

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週一, 30 十一月 2009 10:52

Rachel's Performance

Rachel’s family has a long and rich history of both art and activism in Yogyakarta and she has been with Performance Klub since it’s naissance. She has a fiery personality and a heartwarming concern for the local people and the future direction of Indonesia; so much so that she is often heavily self critical and unsatisfied when their projects have some shortcomings. As well as performing, she is also the Project coordinator and Festivals Secretary for Performance Klub and as such played an important role in the organisation of Perfurbance#3 festival.

Here we see her performance piece at the festival, and she talks us through it.

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週一, 30 十一月 2009 10:26

Simple Atomic Art

"To construct, through intense focus on a ’focus quest’ or ’motive quest’ to derive specific image event and thing - so, it is - pristinely reduced to purity and atomically irreducible"

From Lewis’ Compulsive Notations

Lewis talks about his views on art runs us through his performance at Perfurbance#3. He has been performing for over a decade, all over the world, but he still thinks there was something particularly special about this festival. Indeed, one piece of magic was that Lewis met Mickey at this festival where she was going through her own spiritual renewal and now they are a couple living in Taipei. Lewis says art should be as simple as possible to the point of being atomic.

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